About us

We have always had dogs in our family. I was five years old, when my father brought my first dog home. Together we made our appearances in the TV-shows and took part in the obedience training classes in Mustamäe.

My first Boxer came to us in 1987. ERTING ZEKI died unfortunately of canine parvovirosis at the very young age. Soon after that a Boxer which was returned to the breeder, was offered to me by the Club – FART-DZEIF ADELLA aka Bella, born 1987, who became our dearest friend for many long years. Our first litter was born in 1989. Kennel REWALIA was registered with the Estonian Kennel Union in 1991 and with the FCI in 1993. Our kennel has always been a small one, we have had only five litters all together. In 1993 two Dobermans – AL DIKBI and HAINI NIGO NELSON – came to live with us. In 2000 after a short break we became a Boxer again – SCHEIL´KLAID ANGELIC LE BELLY. As the result of a long time consideration there is a new breed since 2006 in our kennel – a French Bulldog bitch EXCLUSIVE GIRL FOR REWALIA MEDAUS KVAPAS from Lithuania. Many thanks to her breeder Regina Vaitkunskiene for entrusting this fantastic dog to us.

A new member of our French Bullys family has arrived recently – NICA NICHOLE IMANTA from Latvia.

Our first litter of Frenchies was born in 2008. From this litter we kept a male puppy REWALIA DREAMER-DOMINO.

From the L-litter born 30.12.2009 we kept in the co-ownership with the kennel Medaus Kvapas the white-brindle bitch REWALIA LILY-LADYBIRD and from the V-litter born 02.01.2010 the white-brindle bitch REWALIA QUEEN VICTORIA and from the N-litter born 05.09.2011 brindle bitch REWALIA NECKLACE NEVILLE.

We have a new family member from Norway.  ZECUDAS MENTOR was born on 27th of january 2012. Many thanks to her breeders Gunnar and Merethe Gjersrud. New female French bulldog has joined our kennel. Her name is STITCH STYLE ASSOL and she is from Russia. Assol lives with Kadri Raid. We thank breeder, Vera Yarovaya, for the trust.

On 20.10.2016 Rewalia Hearthy Hannah had a litter. From that litter a little girl came to live with us. Her name is REWALIA MIRABEL MY SUNSHINE. Her brother, REWALIA MICHELIN THE STAR, stayed with Kadri Raid. Special thanks to Kadri for this wonderful litter.

On 21.08.2018 Rewalia Mirabel My Sunshine had a litter, 6 puppies. From that litter a little  fawn girl came to live with us. Her name is  REWALIA TARAPHITA MY SWEET PRINCESS.

On 21.01.2020 Rewalia Mirabel My Sunshine and Mano Imperatorius Cloud Master had 5 brindle puppies. From that litter a little brindle girl came to live with us. Her name is REWALIA CHAMPAGNE CRISTAL ROSE.

We have a new family member from Czech .  ETIENNE JANOEL was born on 04 th of january 2021. Many thanks to her breeder Leona Sosnova.

The goal of our kennel is to breed healthy dogs with good temperament who meet their FCI breed standard.

I am the member of:

Estonian Kennel Union

North-Estonian Regional Society

Estonian Society of French Bulldogs